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Exploring the Serenity of Bangsaray Beach: A Hidden Gem in Thailand

Exploring the Serenity of Bangsaray Beach: A Hidden Gem in Thailand

Nestled along the picturesque Gulf of Thailand, Bangsaray Beach is a charming coastal town that offers a tranquil getaway from the bustling city life. With its pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and a laid-back atmosphere, this hidden gem has become a favorite destination for both locals and tourists seeking a peaceful retreat. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty of Bangsaray Beach, recommend some of the best restaurants in the area, provide a range of accommodations from budget to luxury, and guide you on how to get to this coastal paradise from Bangkok.

Exquisite Dining Experiences:

Experience a delightful culinary journey at Bangsaray Beach with its diverse array of restaurants, offering both local Thai cuisine and international flavors. Here are some top-notch dining establishments that you should not miss:

Rimpa Lapin: This elegant beachfront restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and traditional Thai dishes, prepared with a modern twist. Indulge in their signature dishes while enjoying stunning views of the ocean.

Nong Nuch Garden Restaurant: Located within the renowned Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience amidst lush greenery. Relish their authentic Thai cuisine while surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The Glass House: Set in a beautiful garden setting, The Glass House offers a mix of Thai and European dishes. Enjoy their delectable menu and relax in their cozy atmosphere.

Accommodations for Every Budget:

Whether you are a backpacker on a shoestring budget or a luxury traveler seeking opulence, Bangsaray Beach has a range of accommodations to suit every preference. Here are some notable options:

Budget Hotels:
Baan Pictory Garden Resort: A charming budget resort with comfortable rooms and a peaceful garden setting.
Bangsaray Village Resort: Offering affordable rooms with amenities such as a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Mid-Range Hotels:
Sea Sand Sun Resort and Villas: A beachfront resort with spacious rooms, a swimming pool, and easy access to the beach.
Bannammao Resort: A cozy boutique resort featuring stylish rooms and a tranquil atmosphere.

Luxury Hotels:
Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa: A luxurious beachfront resort offering world-class amenities, including a spa, multiple swimming pools, and fine dining options.
U Pattaya: A boutique resort known for its stunning design and impeccable service. Enjoy their private pool villas and beachfront dining.

Getting to Bangsaray Beach from Bangkok:

By Car: The most convenient way to reach Bangsaray Beach from Bangkok is by car. Take the Bang Na-Trat Highway (Highway 34) and continue until you reach Bangsaray. The journey takes approximately 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

By Public Transport: Traveling by public transport is another option. Take a bus from Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) to Bangsaray. The journey takes around 2-3 hours, depending on traffic. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or a private transfer service for a more comfortable journey.

Bangsaray Beach is a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, delectable cuisine, and a serene atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply a change of scenery, this coastal paradise has something for everyone. From exploring the pristine beaches to indulging in delicious seafood, Bangsaray Beach is a destination that promises unforgettable experiences. So pack your bags, escape the city, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Bangsaray Beach.

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